What to Request or Not Request

What to Request or Not Request

What to request

Feel free to request any merchandise from Japan you like! As long as it is available in Japan and isn’t listed in ‘What not to Request’ down below, feel free to Request it!
For example:

  • Anime figures
  • Anime merchandise
  • Manga, light novels, novels etc
  • Magazines
  • Merchandise from Japanese actors, voice actors, idol groups etc
  • Japan-exclusive CDs
  • Japanese language textbooks
  • Japanese fashion items
  • Japanese stationery
  • and more!

What not to request

Otsukai reserves the right to remove any Request without warning for any items that are listed below.
Otsukai also reserves the right to cancel and refund any order in progress that includes the below items, regardless of the shipping status.

  • Do not request any items that are on our List of Items Prohibited or Restricted to Import. This includes but is not limited to perfume, nail polish, mobile batteries, magnets and counterfeit items. Requests for such items will be deleted without warning and users who consistently request items from this list will have their accounts suspended.
  • English-language or subtitled manga, games, anime
    • Your Friend lives in Japan — non-Japanese language subtitled or translated items are not published or released in Japan. Please only Request Japanese items on Otsukai.
  • Imitation weapons, even if they are for cosplay purposes. Some countries are very strict and may confiscate your package.
  • Unlicensed items
    • Otsukai only deals with officially licensed goods. This means that the manufacturer has the rights to use the anime/manga characters etc in their products. Sometimes there are items which use the images of the characters without permission, making them unlicensed merchandise. We may delete these Requests without warning.
    • If you are unsure whether or not an item is licensed, click on 'New Support Ticket' to contact a member of our support team.
  • ebooks or other digital media (including iTunes vouchers)
    • Unfortunately Otsukai cannot allow the transaction of digital books or manga etc. This is because Otsukai is specifically for the transaction of physical goods only.
  • Perishable food items
    • Although food and drink items may be ordered through Otsukai, they must have a use-by date of at least 6 weeks. Requests for baked goods etc will be deleted with no prior notice. Items containing alcohol may not be purchased.
    • In addition, it is important for you to check your own country’s guidelines regarding what may and may not be imported into your country.
  • Non-Japanese items
    • Please keep in mind that your Friend is in Japan. Therefore, it is difficult for them to get hold of non-Japanese items. In particular, we tend to get a lot of Requests for Funko Pop Vinyl figures, which are NOT Japanese. Please be sure that the item you are Requesting is sold in Japan before you make a Request.
  • Contact lenses
    • Otsukai does not allow the sale of contact lenses, including prescription and fashion lenses.
  • No inappropriate images
    • Adult items such as adult games, manga and body pillows etc are permitted on Otsukai, but you must not post any images of a violent or sexual nature. If you would like to use an image relating to your requested item, please crop it so that NSFW (not safe for work) areas of the image cannot be seen. The title of the Request should be the official name of the product like the game or manga's title and nothing more. Please do not use terms like R18, hentai, eroge, adult etc in the Request's title. Requests containing these words may be deleted without warning.

If you are unsure if your Request is okay to post, feel free to ask the support team by making a ticket at any time.
There are also many items which cannot be exported due to international air mail restrictions. One again, please remember to check our list of items restricted or prohibited to import before making any Requests on Otsukai.