Placing a Request

Placing a Request

How do I place a Request?

There are three possible ways to create Requests on Otsukai.

A) Create a Request

Creating new Requests is the most common way to purchase items on Otsukai. It allows you to create your own unique Request for which you will receive offers if our users in Japan can get hold of it. A good Request will include an adequate title and description and a relevant image.

  1. Log in to Otsukai.
  2. Click on the + Request an item button, which is permanently visible at the bottom of the page. If you are using the app, click on the + button on the bottom of your screen.
  3. Insert all the required details and click on Create.
  4. Your Request will appear on the front page and is now ready to receive offers. All you have to do now is wait for offers to be made by our users in Japan.
B) Create a new Request based on an existing offer.

This function can be used to create a Request based on an Offer which was made to someone else. By creating a Request this way, the Japanese user who made the offer will automatically be notified and is likely to make you the same or similar offers.

  1. Log in to Otsukai.
  2. From the All Offers page (or the Home tab on the app), go to the offer that piques your interest.
  3. Click the I want to request this item! Button.
  4. Fill in all the required information and click Create.
  5. Sit back and wait for offers!

Please note that the navigation may be slightly different in the smartphone version of Otsukai.

C) Purchase an item via the Open Offer function.

The Open Offer function is one of our newest features. This feature allows you to accept Offers which have been made to other users under certain circumstances. If the item is available to you, the Buy now button will be displayed on the Offer page.

  1. Log in to Otsukai.
  2. Navigate to an Open Offer. Open Offers will be Offers made to users other than yourself that have a Buy now button. They will also display a price on the All Offers page, unlike non-open Offers.
  3. Click Buy now and proceed with payment.
  4. The offer will disappear from the original Request and a new Request will be automatically created.

Please see our Open Offers page, which includes some questions you may have regarding Open Offers.

Are Requests legally binding?

You enter a legally binding contract from the moment you accept an offer and make payment. Please only make a Request if you intend on making a purchase.

How do I upload a Reference image?

Click Upload image and choose a file. The maximum file size is 10MB.

I can’t upload a picture. / My picture doesn’t show up.

If you can’t upload a picture, the file may be too big. Please try an image that is smaller than 10 MB, or just leave it blank. A picture is not a required detail.

What kind of reference link should I use?

Links to official Japanese sites such as the manufacturer’s page or an online store listing are the most helpful, but even links from MyFigureCollection are of great use.

Please keep in mind that pages on websites such as Crunchyroll and Goods Republic are not accessible within Japan.

What makes a good Request?

A good Request will be short, simple and to the point. Remember, most of the Friends are not proficient in English, so unnecessary information may cause confusion.

Things we like:

+ Series name

+ Character name (or description )

+ Item description

+ A photo / reference URL

+ If applicable, the name of the event the item was sold at

+ If there are multiple items in the picture you uploaded, please circle / describe the item(s) you want

A good example:

Request title: Dragonball - Goku

Request description: I want this figure of Goku (with blond hair) by BANDAI. It came out in Winter Wonfes 2010.

This request tells Friends exactly what you want! You should receive offers easily for the item you are looking for.

Things we don't like:

- Vague descriptions (e.g 'I want any Totoro' or 'a figure from any anime')

- Unnecessary information (e.g 'This is for my friend' / 'I looked but could not find it anywhere' / 'I love this character!')

- Anything against listed in What not to Request

A bad example:

Request title: Jojo

Request description: Any Jojo figure

With such a vague request, the Friends will have no idea what to offer you. In this case, you should at least include a list of characters or the parts that you like (e.g. Joseph Joestar figure, part 4 figures).

Can I contact the Friend directly?


Otsukai is a middle-man between you and the Friends in Japan. As many Friends speak very limited English, often relying on machine translation, all communication between users must be moderated by the support team in order to prevent misunderstandings.

This rule is also for both your and the Friend’s safety. Friends do not receive reimbursement until you have marked your order as arrived, preventing you from being targeted by scammers. In the same vein, Friends are not allowed to purchase items for you until they know you have paid Otsukai, which also keeps the Friend safe from potential scammers who have no intention of paying for their item.

If you need to contact the Friend for any reason, please contact us by creating a support ticket. Don't forget to include your username and URL of the Request you have an inquiry about.

Any users that include their personal information in Requests or comments (including email address, phone number, Instagram / Twitter handles etc.) in an attempt to contact Friends outside of Otsukai will have their Requests deleted without warning. Multiple offenders will be banned.

If any Friends include their personal information in their offers or on their profiles, DO NOT attempt to contact them. Please report the user by creating a support ticket.

You must under absolutely no circumstances attempt to contact the sender of your items via the address written on your shipping label. Doing so will lead to an immediate ban on your account. It is an extreme violation of privacy and the label must only be used in circumstances instructed by the Otsukai support team.

Do you have a direct messaging system where I can contact the Friends?

Otsukai does not have a direct or private messaging system and has no plan to implement one for the reasons stated above in can I contact the Friend directly?
If you have any questions regarding offers made to you, please be sure to make use of our commenting feature.
If for some reason you need to contact the Friend while in the middle of an Errand, please contact the Otsukai support team.

Can I make a Request from within Japan?

Requests can only be made on Otsukai from outside Japan.
If you are within Japan, you can only access the side of Otsukai which is for Friends.
You cannot make Requests if you reside in Japan, are vacationing in Japan or are using a VPN with a Japanese IP address. Please be sure to switch off any VPNs before attempting to make a Request on Otsukai.

How can I become a Friend on Otsukai

In order to become a Friend on Otsukai you must:

・Be a resident of Japan

・Be in possession of a Japanese bank account

・Have a high enough understanding of Japanese to navigate our guide

Please be aware that the Japan-side of Otsukai can only be accessed from within Japan.