After Receiving Your Item

After Receiving Your Item

What should I do after I receive my item?

Once you have received your item, please go to the Errand page for that particular order.
Here you can mark the item as arrived by rating the Friend as Good or Bad. You can even leave a comment for the Friend and/or add some pictures of the item if you like!

Marking the order as arrived is an extremely important step of the process to complete your Errand, so please don't forget to do it.

We may send you a survey via email in order to improve our service. We ask for your cooperation.

Can I thank the Friend for the order?

When you leave a rating, you are free to leave a comment and even some pictures.
Only the Friend and the Otsukai admin staff will be able to see your comments and pictures initially, but please understand that we may share some of your comments for promotional purposes.
Please make sure your comments are written in either English or Japanese, and do not enter any personal contact information. Other than that you are free to write what you want! We and the Friends love seeing photos of your new goodies!

If you leave the Friend a bad rating, it may be helpful to write a polite comment explaining why. If there are any problems with your order, please contact the Otsukai support team before leaving a rating for the Friend, as we may be able to help you.

Why must I take action within 27 days of my order being shipped?

Otsukai is a customer-to-customer service, meaning your Errand doesn't end simply when your item has been purchased.
It is important that you let us know when you receive your item so that we can pass on your payment to the Friend who fulfilled your Request.
Please read more here: Safety and Support

If you take no action 27 days after the item has been shipped, the order will automatically be marked as 'arrived' and the Errand 'complete'.
Otsukai will not be able to assist you if you find a problem after the order has been automatically marked as complete.
If you have not marked your order as 'arrived' 20 days after receiving a shipping notification, you will receive an email from Otsukai asking you to take action.
If you have received the package and you find no problems with the contents, please log into Otsukai and rate the Friend.
If your order has not arrived, or if there seems to be some kind of trouble, please go to your Errand page and click on the My order has not arrived / There is a problem button.

Examples of trouble include:
・ The tracking number no longer works
・ The item is being returned to sender
・ You received the item but it is damaged
・ You received the wrong item

You do NOT need to wait 20 days to contact Otsukai support if you discover a problem. Feel free to make a support ticket if you discover some kind of trouble before then.

Note: This feature is temporarily suspended as of 24 April 2020 due to the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic.