After Receiving Your Item

After Receiving Your Item

What should I do after I receive my item?

When an item has been marked as shipped, it will appear in your To do list as Your order has been shipped! After it has arrived, be sure to mark it has arrived by clicking 'The item has arrived'. You need to tell Otsukai that your item has arrived safely, as the Friend will only receive their money once you mark it as arrived.

  1. In order to rate your Friend and mark the item as arrived, please go to your My Page and select the box of the item that has arrived. You will be redirected to your Order Status page where you can rate your Friend.
  2. To rate the Friend please choose Good or Bad and click on Rate the Friend and mark item has arrived.
  3. Please don't forget to confirm your choice by clicking on Submit.

This is an extremely important step of the process to complete your Errand, so please don't forget about it.
We might send you a survey via email in order to improve our service. We ask for your cooperation.